From the beautiful scenic locations to the numerous exciting activities that constantly draw in tourist, the city of Hendersonville encourages everyone to search and discover thrilling new experiences! Sitting in the highlands of North Carolina, this city and surrounding areas like Asheville, Berea and Waynesville are ideal for raising a family. Unlike any other region, fascinating adventures, countless recreational activities and superb scenery will become a part of your everyday life when you call Hendersonville home.

In downtown Hendersonville you will notice low tax rates, organized manufacturing labor and a skilled workforce, as it's the center of a culturally and economically active mountain community. Home to employers such as Bon Worth, Sierra Nevada and Alpha Tech Inc., this region's thriving economy offers an abundance of job opportunities. If you have children, you'll appreciate that this region's education system is known for its quality and reliability, making this the perfect area to raise a family in. Whether it's the scenery, the job opportunities or the education system that you're sold on, this is the place for you!